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Sci-fi Knight

Sci-fi Knight
Support for ue5 and ue4 skeletons.
The concept of a sports tournament knight, made in the style of ski-fi. It was inspired by the tournament froghelmet and wedge-shaped breastplate of the late Middle Ages. The concept has two chest options:
The first with dynamic neck protection and a wedge-shaped breastplate.
The second without neck protection and more ergonomic bib.
There are also 3 faces: African, Asian and European. And there is a simple face rig using bones.
Heavy/Light armor version:
Verts 42000/37000
Tris 70000/61000
There are 3 options for painting armor: Dark, White and Red.

Support for ue5 and ue4 skeletons. There are two sets of meshes for each skeleton respectively.
97 custom animations for ue4 skeleton and 97 custom animations for ue5 skeleton.
For custom animations, a skeletal sword mesh is used, which is connected to the character via set master pose component in the blueprint settings. Since the sword skeleton mesh has animations.
There is also a static version of the sword. Which joins the character on sockets. This variant is used in demo animations.
There are corresponding blueprints of characters.

There are 97 animations in total, but 34 of them are just transitional animations. (I wanted to create smooth transitions between the main animations so that the character moves seamlessly). I'm not sure if this is in demand, but I will be grateful for any feedback on this matter) All animations are shown and numbered in the video. The numbers in the video fully correspond to the numbers of the animations in the engine. There is also a diagram of all animations in pdf format with corresponding numbers.

Link to PDF file with animation tree